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  • The beauty of miniwind | Reliability, innovation, and design at wind’s service
  • Reliability | Miniwind turbines built to last
  • Advanced technological solutions | Compact and essential design makes Eolicar wind turbines aesthetically enjoyable
  • High performance over time | Objective | Maximize electrical production and minimize maintenance costs

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The company integrates the experience in the energy sector of the Olicar Group, the Italian leader in the energy and facility management sector, and top technical competences from the aeronautics and aerospace industry.

Eolicar wind generators include the most advanced technical solutions to offer high reliability and quicker ROI to our clients: Direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous generators, guaranteeing virtually no maintenance and high performance; Double inverter conversion developed to ensure optimal coupling with the generator to maximize efficiency and electrical production…

Beside selling reliable technology, we offer our clients a “turnkey package”, including all the support needed for installation and the completion of related public permits, both for grid connection and access to the feed-in tariff scheme.
In addition, in the post-sale phase, Eolicar offers to its clients full coverage of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities throughout the life of its wind turbines.

Although, in terms of capacity, there is not a precise definition about small-scale wind, the Italian market considers it between 3 kW and 60 kW. These machines can be installed either as “stand alone”, that is serving an isolated user not linked to the public electric grid, or connected to the grid, with the possibility to sell the energy generated (or the difference between what is consumed and produced) back to the grid.




Eolicar Start Cup award

Eolicar has been selected for the "National award for innovation 2009", which will take place in Perugia on the 4th of December. Visit the website:

  Eolicar selected by I3P  

Eolicar selected by I3P

Eolicar was selected by I3P, the incubator of innovative companies at the Politecnico di Torino.
To learn more click here (

Sede commerciale - Torino


Commercial offices
P.zza Solferino, 20
10121 Torino
Tel. +39.011.9723587
Mob. +39.340.0602870

Sede operativa - Ciriè


Operative office
Via dei Beni Comunali, 8
12020 Villafalletto (CN)

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