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Discover all the advantages of miniwind: lower installation costs compared with photovoltaics and often with higher yielding.

Small scale wind (miniwind)

What is Miniwind?


Wind energy is the product of the conversion of wind’s kinetic energy into other types of energy, typically electric energy. Although there is not a single definition for miniwind, in general it is used to call generators of 50-60 kW rated power. This power capacity can satisfy the energy demand of small and medium electricity consumers, such as a families, small or medium farms and companies, touristic complexes such as campings, etc. Wind turbines between 50kW and 200 kW are often considered “medium wind”, over 200kW is large scale wind.

For “wind generator” is commonly meant the combination of an aerogenerator and an electric generator. The typical configuration of a wind generator is shown in the picture.

Description of a wind generator

The tower sustains the nacelle, containing the transmission shaft, the gear box (absent in “direct-drive” generators), the electric generator and all the auxiliary devices. The shaft connects the nacelle to the rotor, formed by a hub where the blades are mounted. The nacelle is able to rotate around the tower in order to keep the machine’s shaft always perpendicular to the wind direction. Several cables transmit the energy produced.


The price of installing a small-scale wind generator varies according to its nominal power: for machines from 10 to 20 kW, the turnkey cost varies from about Euro 2500 to Euro 3500 per kW. Management and maintenance costs have a slight increase over time: from 1 to 10 years after installation are on average about 2% of the initial investment cost, from 10 to 20 years are about 3%.


Typical clients of our product are:

  • Farms
  • Small manufacturing companies
  • Camping
  • Local public administration

located where wind resources justify the initial investment (in general, for a reasonable return on investment, wind generators should be installed in places where the annual mean wind speed is above 4.5 m/s).

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